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 our next opening on the 21st May! (6.5.22)

After selling out at almost every open to date, we'll be open again on the Sat 21st May for our last open of the season before breaking over winter. The 21st is Federal Election Day, so what better reason to have a drink! We're probably going back to having 6 beers available for tasting as well as four of our Gins. Directions to the booking site can be found on our Visit Us page.

decision to attend beer & BBQ (1.5.22)

It's been a bit of a torturous road for us with Beer & BBQ. We were scheduled to go way back when but then it was cancelled. Then it was rescheduled then cancelled again. But it's on again, and we'll be there to meet a heap of new people who haven't yet visited us.

new still is up and running (18.2.22)

After quite the wait, and a few setbacks, our new 100L still is up and running and making wonderful tasting Gin. Havin put through a batch of our delicious Signature Gin, we've since made a batch of No. 2 and two ' the company of...' Gins. Smile, there's Gin!

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Buy any 4 cans of beer and receive a 10% discount off the individual can prices. Buy any 6 cans and receive a 15% discount.