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After our final open on Sat 21st May we are now taking a hiatus over winter. During that time, we're making more Gin and we'll be brewing a heap of beer to take to the Adelaide Beer & BBQ festival. We'll also be continuing our search to find a new home for our business, up around the Blackwood area. If you know of anything, feel free to let us know. :)

decision to attend beer & BBQ (1.5.22)

It's been a bit of a torturous road for us with Beer & BBQ. We were scheduled to go way back when but then it was cancelled. Then it was rescheduled then cancelled again. But it's on again, and we'll be there to meet a heap of new people who haven't yet visited us.

new still is up and running (18.2.22)

After quite the wait, and a few setbacks, our new 100L still is up and running and making wonderful tasting Gin. Havin put through a batch of our delicious Signature Gin, we've since made a batch of No. 2 and two ' the company of...' Gins. Smile, there's Gin!

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