The brewhouse

Once a month only, out the front of our home, we will be opening up for direct sales and guided tastings of our delicious range of beers and our hand-made gins. Because we brew such small quantities we are not distributing through liquor outlets, our Brewhouse opens are the only time and the only place you're going to find our beers. And when we've run out of any given small batch, we're out.


Beer asting flights consist of up to 6 samples. You can also purchase additional individual samples, just in case you're still not quite sure what you'd like to buy. Prices work out to less than most craft beers you'd buy at a pub. 500ml cans will be available to purchase and take away. Our gins are also available to sample and purchase by the bottle.


Because we're operating out of our home, we ask our visitors to be respectful of our wonderful and supportive neighbours, in relation to both noise and on-street parking. Get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings by walking to us if you can. If you're driving in, please be sensible with parking. That way we can continue to highlight our little slice of heaven up in the hills of Blackwood.