our story

the journey so far

We are a husband and wife team (with two great teenage kids), with Cherie being the Brewhouse owner and chief Gin-maker and Jason heading up the beer, brewing and manufacturing side of the operation. We've both had other lives but were fortunate enough to meet in 2015 and have been happily married since 2018. We both currently work other jobs, Cherie as a Project Manager for a local council, and Jason in a research role at a university.


Like many commercial brewers, there was a gestation time for Jason as a home brewer. Being the son of a long-time home brewer, Jason was aware of both the joys and bounty that brewing at home could provide. But, after two years living in Seattle, epicentre of the thriving craft beer scene in Washington State, his appreciation for and love of beer grew substantially.


After returning to Australia there was a desire to start making some of those great beers which were so plentiful in the Pacific Northwest. One thing led to another, and from little things big things grow. The collection of shiny stainless things happened, and the idea of a happy hobby led to the idea of, with only a little more effort, sharing the love of beer with others on a slightly bigger scale. And with the production of beer came the production of spirits, a wonderful addition to our activities. First Gin, and also an interest in producing Whisky in the future.


Unlike some other breweries and distilleries, we're not really planning on making a tonne of money out of our little venture. What we really want to do is share our special little part of Adelaide with others, provide a decadent and special local experience for beer and Gin lovers, and bring a little joy to people's hearts and tummies. As for the future of the Brewhouse, well, we're looking around for possible locations to expand as we speak.