our beers

One of the benefits of brewing small batch beers is that we are never locked in to a few different beer types and trying to sell huge numbers. This gives us the opportunity to brew different styles of beers, as well as the same styles but in slightly or markedly different ways. We embrace this variation as a hallmark of our brewing freedom. The aesthetic of our brewing is to create highly drinkable beers that are just a little different from what you'll find available in what is an increasingly crowded marketplace. Each time we open, we will present a varying lineup of beers for tasting and sale. All beers are unfiltered and we don't use any preservatives. Some examples are shown below.

'the frog stomp' saison

A Belgian farmhouse-style pale ale with a light body, a dry, slightly tart finish and distinctive spicy/peppery notes from a blend of two specialty Saison yeasts.

'Nippy' neipa

A low bitterness New England-style IPA, with hazy appearance, prominent tropical and citrus hop flavours, and low residual sweetness. Receives three lots of whirlpool hops and is double dry hopped, because what’s too much hops?

'the tighty whitey' hefeweissbier

A delicious, soft, German-style wheat (>60%) beer, cloudy in appearance, with banana and subdued clove esters. Triple decoction mashed for extra flavour and street cred.

'the sanguine seattleite' cascadian dark ale

A jet black dark ale with significant roasty, vanilla and chocolate notes, balanced by a big dose of Washington State hops. This isn't an IPA that's just coloured black, it's a dark ale that's heavily hopped. Double dry hopped... drizzled in on top like Seattle rain.

'the rye smile' american pale ale

A balanced ale showing slightly sweet malt characters and tropical and citrus hops, with a slightly peppery complexity from the addition of 15% malted rye.

'the lifted kilt army (LKA)' wee heavy

A dark, complex, malty, slightly sweet, Scottish heavy ale, with roasty, chocolate and coffee notes, and a hint of smoke. Served on nitrogen! It’ll grow hairs under your kilt.